Custom Commissions

So you need something custom…

you’re in the right place!

Custom design is something that Kilnhouse thrives off of and develops new skills through. Industrial design is just one of the caps we wear around the studio and new product development is second nature here. If you’ve got an idea that you’d like to turn into a ceramic product, lets work together.

Most projects start with an idea and we like to take those ideas and give them dimensions, colour and function. We structure new projects as follows:

  1. First contact – The what.
  2. Details – Does this what have a specific colour, shape, volume, size or function?
    - Type of product/ product range
    - Volumes of vessels (mugs/tumblers) in milliliters
    - Pictures of the intended look/style
    - Any deadlines specific to the work
  3. Drawings - Lets explore some options…
  4. Samples - From approved sketches.
  5. Final production.

    Lets bring the blue sky idea back down to Earth, clay specifically.





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