Frequently Asked Questions


My Kilnhouse products are all a little different, is that normal?

All Kilnhouse products are 100% handmade, with our hands! We observe a 2-3mm tolerance in height and width of all our products so chances are, they will all be very slightly unique.

The website is out of stock?!

Yes, but we will be restocking throughout the year, please let us know if we can add you to the emailing list for regular updates about our goings on.

If you'd like to order our standard ranges for a restaurant/ cafe, please email us with the request. 

Can I get a pricelist?

Yes, you'll find all of our prices on our website but we do have a combined price list in that you can download here.

Is your lead time really 6-8 weeks?!

Yes. Kilnhouse is a small studio and we make everything by hand from start to finish. Craftsmanship takes time so please be mindful of this as you place your order. 

Can you make something custom for me?

Yes! Kilnhouse thrives on custom work and we' love to help you out.

Check out our Custom Commissions page for more information.

Care & Maintenance

Are my Kilnhouse products safe to use in a microwave and dishwasher? 

Yes! Provided that there is no gold detailing on your product, each product is 100% safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave.

If your product does have gold lustre on it, this means that it is hand-wash only and will spark in the microwave because of the metal content in the decorative feature. 

My silverware leaves marks on my Kilnhouse products, what do I do?

Most cutlery will mark your crockery, this does not mean that the glaze over your product is soft but rather that the cutlery is soft. It rubs away at the glazed surface of the product rather than cutting into it.

Bar Keepers Friend is your friend, it is a cleaning solution widely available in SA and globally. 

Can I put my Kilnhouse products in the oven? 

Yes, however some rules need to be followed if you’d like to do this and we don’t take responsibility if your product does break: Make sure to heat all products gradually to avoid heat shock.

I don’t enjoy a cold shock after a hot shower or an unexpected zing of heat, neither do your Kilnhouse products. The rule of thumb is to heat and cool things slowly.

How about the stove? Can I use my Kilnhouse products over a burner? 

The short answer is no.

Kilnhouse Design Studio cannot be held responsible for any breakage caused when using our products over a stove, heat shock is the main issue here.

Are tumblers hot to hold?

Yes, a tumbler has no handle so it's perfect for winter and our clay body does keep most of the heat at bay to make things bearable.

However, we strongly recommend a mug for the elderly and those with sensitive skin.


Can my pendants be glazed in colour?

Yes! We offer standard glazes on our website but if you are looking for something specific, please let us know. 

Will the raw clay get dirty?

No, we nano-seal out products, fancy right? This means that you'll only need to dust them off once in a while and if you happen to have a stubborn mark, use gentle detergent and a sponge/cloth.

Where do I get all the components from?

We supply your lighting cable, stacking mechanisms and a ceiling rose if it's a pendant.

If you've ordered a table lamp, it will include your lighting cable with a switch.

With our wall mounted lights we provide all the components you need to connect it but we do not supply any screws.

We do not supply lightbulbs. You'll need to source your own.

Are your lights heavy?

Not really. Our light components weigh between 1 kg and 1.5 kg each.

Please contact us if you'd like to chat about support for larger groupings of lights. 

Sculptural Knots

Will my knot be different to the image on the website?

Most definitely!

There is no way we can guarantee the look of our knots as there are too many variables at play.

The good news is you'll have a one-of-a-kind sculptural knot that can't be replicated.

Will my knot get dirty?

No, we nano-seal each knot, fancy right? This means that you'll only need to dust them off once in a while and if you happen to have a stubborn mark, use gentle detergent and a sponge/cloth.

Can I stack them?

Yes, have fun! If they do tumble, they might break so be careful.

Still got questions?

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